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Welcome to the S.A.G.A website

A big welcome to the Storrington Allotment web pages. The website was initially built to  persuade  Storrington & Sullington Parish Council not to build on the Amberley Road Allotment Site in July 2008 ( see Allotment History ) . Their proposal for this site was  rejected in a village ballot. These pages will now be used to further the interests of Allotment Holders in Storrington & Sullington and the Storrington Allotment Growers Association ( S.A.G.A )  ,the organization formed to support allotment growing in Storrington & Sullington. Since April 2009 SAGA have been managing the Allotment Site and have increased the number of plot holders from 19 to over 43. In addition we have activly promoted Allotment Growing in the local Area through supporting the National Allotment Day and taking part in a large number of activities in partnership with Parham House

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 22:44

AGM 27th Febuary 2014

All SAGA members are invited to a the AGM at Storrington Village Hall on the 27 th February. We will start at  7.30pm and will try to keep the meeting down to an hour.

Your new rental agreements and membership cards will be available at the meeting. We also have We will also have a presentation by Chancton Seeds who will be, among other things, be offering discounted seeds. Your support is very important to us. We look forward to seeing you there.

Wednesday, 06 February 2013 10:37

AGM 28th Febuary 2013

We will be holding our AGM at the Storrington Village Hall on the 28th February at 7:30pm. Members will be able to pick up their rental agreements and keys for the revised security on the site. We aim to keep the meeting to a maximum of 1 hour.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012 08:42

Autumn Foraging 14th Oct 2012

We had a delightful day at the Parham Autumn Foraging show. This year has been difficult, as far as shows and growing conditions are concerned, so it was great to be out in beautiful autumn sunshine with a throng of Gardner's. We had soups, chutneys and vegetables available on the stand along with our very own Monty Don ( Dr John nee John Dougan ) answering questions on growing problems and experiences. Once again a big thank you to Parham for their ongoing support. 

Sunday, 10 July 2011 15:00

Parham Garden Weekend

Another sucessful trip to Parham. Those of you who follow these pages will know that we have done one extra show this year as we are hoping to improve the irrigation of the allotments. This involves installing two large cattle troughs which will fill up overnight allowing an effective use of the limited water supply on the site. To this end, and ever keen to promote Allotments and Allotment Gardening, we have made appearances at the new Parham Spring Show as well as planning to appear at this show and the Autumn Foraging ( thank you  Parham ).

Monday, 11 April 2011 07:49

Parham "A Celebration of Spring"

We were at the Parham "Celebration Of Spring" event on the 10th April 2011. This is a new event and was fabulous. There were lots of visitors and the weather was just like mid summer. Our display of seedlings generated great interest and many people went home nursing a pot of Rhubard, Tomatoes and Chillie or lettuce plants. We ran a Sunflower Growing Competition which was popular. The prizes ( provided by Shoots Garden Centre ) will be awarded on the basis of photographs returned to us or e-mailed at the Parham Autumn Foraging event.

We raised over £200 in dontations so well done everybody and thank you to all our supporters !

Friday, 04 February 2011 13:28

AGM 3rd Febuary 2011

The AGM was held at Storrington Village Hall on the 3rd. Feb. We thank all those who turned up for their time and effort. I think that it is indicative of the strength of our organisation that of the approximately 40 members 30 turned up for the AGM and 3 sent apologies.

The accounts were presented along with a summary of events for the coming year. The rental were also handed out with no rise over the coming year.  It was announced that Tess Willes would be standing down as a committee member

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