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Friday, 17 December 2010 12:47

Inclosure Award 1858

"AND I HAVE ALSO SET OUT and do hereby set out and allot and award unto the Churchwardens and Overseers of the poor of the parish of Storrington all the piece or parcel of land numbered 41 on the said map  enclosed containing one acre and two roods to be held by them and their successors in trust for the labouring poor of the said Parish of Storrington"

These were the words in the 1858 Incosure Award that bestowed the allotments to the people of Storrington. This is  the tradition that we aim to maintain. These allotments have been worked, lovingly, for over 150 years and if we take care of them and hold the "Churchwardens and Overseers" to their obligations then they can be worked fo another 150 years
Friday, 10 April 2009 10:36

Self Management Update

10th  April 2009, 09:00

I'm very pleased to announce that S.A.G.A and Storrington & Sullington Parish Council have agreed a seven year lease on the Amberley Road allotment site.

The lease will allow the allotment society to independently manage the Allotment site while providing the Parish Council with considerable savings over the period of the lease.

While negotiating the lease we have been busy reviewing the availability of plots on Amberley Road. This has resulted in an additional 17 plots being available on the site. The Parish council will be contacting those on the waiting list to ask for permission for their details to be passed over to S.A.G.A. Once we have the details we will contact everybody and invite them down to see the available plots.

In addition we have been working with the Parish Council and Ravescroft Allotment holders in preparing a plan for Ravenscroft. This has resulted in the preparation of over 20 plots and identification of an additional 6 unprepared plots. These should be available to let soon.

The waiting list is rumored to stand at 47. The results of self-management and the work at Ravenscroft should result in an additional 43 plots becoming available. Progress indeed.

More details can be seen on the diary pages. Expect further updates on the web site describing how to apply for an allotment.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008 00:00

A Big Thank You

22nd July 2008

I received a call from Jeannie Knight, news editor of the West Sussex Gazette,  today ( 22nd July 2008 ) and I'm delighted to be able to pass on the news that the parishioners of Storrington & Sullington have voted against the so called "Allotment Strategy" by a majority of approximately 68%.

I understand that this will be a difficult defeat for the Parish Council but we all look forward to working with them in the near future to maximize the availability and quality of allotments to all the people of Storrington & Sullington.

On this subject a supporter has told me  that West Sussex County Council may well be happy to talk of a longer term commitment on the Ravenscroft site.

Tuesday, 01 July 2008 00:00

The Ballot is Finally Here !

The ballot is now on the village website ( Village Ballot ) and delivered to some voters. The closure date is now settled as the 14th July 2008. This differs from the flyer sent out by the Parish Council ( 9th ) and e-mails (15th) and bizarrely in the ballot , Monday 15th July ( a date that does not exist ), but now we have it.

The ballot has a short summary of the Councils "Allotment Strategy" reduced to three points. These are, to further summarize: Increase the number of allotments at no cost and to use the revenues in the Parish, to increase the  number of available plots to 60 at a new site in Fryern Rd and to build 29 houses on the existing site.

In the full "Allotment Strategy" sent to the allotment holders it was clearly stated that revenue from the sale would be used, in part, to encourage Southern Water to re-prioritize sewerage improvements in Storrington. This is a misuse of Parish Funds.

There is no point having 60 Allotments on a site that is unsuitable for Allotments and is inaccessible. There are currently approximately 20 plots at Ravenscroft available until 2012.The Allotment holders at Amberley Rd believe that by better management and reorganizing the plots we can provide up to 28 plots on this site. This gives us time to produce a sensible Allotment Strategy that does not focus solely on raising money for the Parish.

By building on the borders of the old village we diminish one of the areas that make this village a special place to live. We also loose the continuity and community that the allotments provide. I for one harbor a romantic image of my daughters having the opportunity to have a plot at Amberley Rd where their dad once had his allotment.

Please vote against the wrong-headed so called strategy so that we can produce a sensible approach to the allotments and preserve our village for all of us.

Thursday, 26 June 2008 00:00

Allotments in Storrington

Two years ago there were three allotment sites in Storrington; Ryecroft lane, Ravenscroft and Amberley Road.

Amberley Road has a proud history having been gifted by Parham Estate  "to be held in trust as an allotment for the labouring poor of the parish of  Storrington" in 1858. Ryecroft was closed down as the landowners ( the church) required it to be returned. The future of Ravenscroft was in great doubt and the Parish Council was unable to offer more than a years lease at a time and informed the allotment holders that the leases were unlikely to be renewed. This lead to the site being run down and many of the plots being vacant. The vacancy rate was somewhat exacerbated by the Parish charging a £50 deposit for all allotment holders across the Parish Allotments.

I personally moved from Ravenscroft to Amberley Road last year having been advised that this would be a secure plot.

Ravenscroft now has a new lease of life ( 4 Years ) but with a 6 months termination period in the contract meaning that Allotment Holders can be asked to give up their sites at 6 months notice.

Amberley Roads future seemed secure, with the Parish and the Allotment association  discussing the association managing the plot

Monday, 23 June 2008 00:00

Our Response

P6251166Local residents and allotment holders oppose this proposal on the following grounds:

The proposed new allotment site is unsuitable  for its purpose  ( poor soil ) and is not easily reached by the people who currently use Amberley Road as it is on the outskirts of Storrington. Most or all allotment holders will need to drive there.

The land was gifted by Parham Estate for the parishioners of Storrington to use for growing food not for building houses .

The infrastructure surrounding Amberley Road cannot support the proposed development which we understand to be up to 29, 2 to 3 bedroom houses.

Selling of the land to subsidise a  wealthy corporate entity ( Southern Water ) to prioritise  the sewerage system improvements in the parish is a misuse of Parish funds. It is wholly the responsibility of Southern Water to manage wastewater systems and that is why we as householders pay their bills.

This part of the village is really the "Old Village" area of Storrington. Once large developments impinge on this  we will have lost more than allotments but to no small extent the nature , shape and history of our community.

Thursday, 05 June 2008 00:00

What the Parish Proposes

5th June 2008

On the 5th of June 2008 the Amberley Road allotment holders received a letter from Storrington & Sullington Parish Council advising them that they would like to sell the site for housing. The adjacent home owners were also written to in the following days. You can read the letters at the link below.

To summarise the key points the Parish, wishing to provide allotments to satisfy the Allotment waitinglist, proposes to sell the Amberley Road  site ( for excess of £1m ) to developers to fund the acquisition of a new 60 plot site at Fryern Rd ( the site we understand will cost approx £20,000). A large part of the additional funds raised are to be used to encourage Southern Water to improve the sewers in the Parish.

The letter from the Parish Council can be found here

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