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Wednesday, 15 December 2010 14:49

Applying for an Allotment

P7051148Lots of people have asked me how to apply for an allotment as there is some confusion with SAGA and the Parish Council and their rolls. so I though I would put it up on the Website.

The waiting list for allotments is still being maintained by Storringtom & Sullington Parish Council and the Ravenscroft Site is still being managed by them. You are eligible to go on the waiting list if you are a parishioner of the Parish

To go on the waiting list contact the parish council here . If you are accepted on the list your details will be passed over to us to see if there is room on the Amberley Road site and the Parish will see if you can be accommodated on the Ravenscroft site. At the moment, I believe, there are available plots on the Ravenscroft Site.

I hope this helps

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