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Wednesday, 15 December 2010 11:25

Welcome to the S.A.G.A website

A big welcome to the Storrington Allotment web pages. The website was initially built to  persuade  Storrington & Sullington Parish Council not to build on the Amberley Road Allotment Site in July 2008 ( see Allotment History ) . Their proposal for this site was  rejected in a village ballot. These pages will now be used to further the interests of Allotment Holders in Storrington & Sullington and the Storrington Allotment Growers Association ( S.A.G.A )  ,the organization formed to support allotment growing in Storrington & Sullington. Since April 2009 SAGA have been managing the Allotment Site and have increased the number of plot holders from 19 to over 43. In addition we have activly promoted Allotment Growing in the local Area through supporting the National Allotment Day and taking part in a large number of activities in partnership with Parham House

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